Your property is ready for the FOR SALE sign and the parade of real estate agents with prospective buyers in tow. You’re confident in the selected price after analyzing reams of comparable sales and touring the current neighborhood competition. No question the price is spot on.


The house never looked better. The painters, window washers and staging pros have worked their magic and you walk through your home with utter amazement wondering if you really want to move, and if you can tolerate strangers roaming through your private abode at all hours of the day.A home that is ready for buyers.


If you haven’t already done so, it is time to move from an owner’s frame of mind to a seller’s perspective. It is time to form a marketing partnership with your real estate agent and create memorable showings.


If they can’t see it, they won’t buy it. Marketing is all about product exposure. Consumers must be aware a product is for sale, they must be able to view it and receive pertinent information about the product to assist them with the decision making process. Your agent needs your cooperation and collaboration for each and every showing.


It’s a show(ing) so set the stage. Each showing has the potential to be a sale. Your buyer may appear on any given day, so be prepared. Make those beds, scoop that poop and stash those dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Make your property stand out on the buyer’s show list by your efforts to produce a showing that will highlight your property’s best assets.

Every seller’s goal is to leave every prospective buyer begging for more.