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I snapped this photo at the LA Zoo Saturday.  As we observed the lion stretching his head to reach the sunshine, it reminded me we often have to make adjustments “to keep the sun shining on our face.”  Whether it be a job relocation, a new job or new responsibilities with a current employer, change, adjustment and yes, often stretching is needed to adapt to our ever-changing world and personal circumstances.

The photo is apropos for the real estate reality several of my clients are facing.  One family needs a larger home for their growing family, but they are willing to stretch to reach their goal of a more suitable family home even if it means packing up and moving to a new location.  Another is downsizing after the death of a spouse.  Yet another is ready to leave his rental days behind him.  When adjusting and stretching is no longer enough, sometimes we actually have to get up and move.  Charlemagne Int’l Properties is ready, willing and able to help you find a new place to flourish in the light.

Mr. Lion was fun to watch but the light was moving and beyond his control.   Soon, he had to hunt for another spot of sunshine.

– Norma