City lights is a desired view in Palos Verdes.  City light views are especially prevalent on the north and east sides of the Palos Verdes Peninsula but the night lights of Los Angeles can be seem from the top of “The Hill” including Rolling Hills. Homes on the west side of PV often enjoy a combination of ocean and city lights affectionately known as The Queen’s Necklace.

Views vary as does their perceived value.  The bigger the view the higher the price is the accepted rule of thumb.  Ocean views are most stunning during the daylight hours and go dark during the night.  The City lights view is quite the opposite.  It is most vibrant at night.  Although the day often offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges and the Los Angeles skyline.

A few lucky homeowners with property at the top of the hill enjoy one view from the front of the house and yet another one from the back.  One of the most compelling reasons locals relocate on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is to enjoy a bigger and better view.

Spectacular views are not limited to a few choice estates.  Palos Verdes is a hilly peninsula with amazing view of the flatlands and ocean below.  There are beach cottages with oceans views so up close and personal you can hear the waves and feel the mist.  There are gated estates perched on the bluffs high above the water or the twinkling lights of LA.  The range of prices is as wide as the selection of views.   Whether you’re shopping for a peek-a-boo view or a panoramic stunner, there’s a view for you in Palos Verdes.

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