I showed property on the Palos Verdes Peninsula yesterday.  There were many lovely properties in the mix of homes my prospective buyers wanted to view.  One home stood out above the rest to me, not because it was the grandest but because of the inviting outdoor living room (formerly a concrete patio?) complete with fireplace, conversation and dining areas.


A vine-covered trellis provided a green canopy of cover more beautiful than any of the interior ceilings.  There was a fountain with splashing water (okay, maybe it did muffle some of the road noise) but it also added to the ambiance showcased by this Southern California lifestyle.  It didn’t hurt that it was also one of those sunny winter days with cool, crisp air and clear blue skies.


Of course there was an outdoor kitchen complete with sink and refrigerator.  The masculine half of my prospective buying couple raised the lid of the generous barbecue and I knew he was thinking about grilling steaks and kicking back Southern Cali style.  It was the type of space that beckons you to sit down, kick back and enjoy life.  Isn’t that what turns a house into a home?


Lush bowls of succulents were centered on the dining and coffee tables.   Large pots on the patio overflowed with a mix of succulents as beautiful as any tropical plants, and more fitting for the arid climate.  The plump cushions and background music completed the soul-soothing scene. The house was not a multimillion dollar mansion, but the patio, or should I say outdoor living room, looked like a million dollars.