What Should I Expect From My Agent?


Those last century real estate marketing expectations of sticking a sign in the ground, posting a few photos on the Multiple Listing Service, and holding an open house or two, do not suffice in the digital marketing age.  A savvy agent will still make those old school marketing moves for her clients. Also, her marketing repertoire must include a social media blitz, and videos featuring the best assets of a seller’s property. The agent should have a website page dedicated to the property, and last but not least, a visible presence on the multitude of real estate sites such as Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com, and other sites buyers visit when they start their home hunting quest. Likewise, today’s smart sellers are inclined to consult real estate sites when they are ready to sell and want to check the value of their property and review local agents’ testimonials from past clients.


Agents do so much more than merely unlock doors.



The Internet is the engine that propels today’s real estate world. It’s the first-stop shopping site prospective sellers and buyers visit. The Internet is a 24-hour marketing machine, and every seller and buyer have the right to expect their home, or the home they are interested in buying, to be accessible on the various real estate sites. The last transaction I closed, the very first showing came from a Zillow inquiry. Social media and Internet real estate sites are an essential arm in my marketing plan.


Old school real estate techniques continue to play an important marketing role. A recent sale is the perfect example of the symbiotic relationship the old way and the new way interplay when marketing a property. A client sent a text inquiring if I had toured a property they viewed on Zillow (new way). I replied, I saw the house at a broker open house (old way), and I included the property’s tax information with my response. I also sent links (new way), and info on recent sales in the neighborhood, and gave them the listing history of the property.  After several emails and text messages (new way), the clients felt they knew enough about the residence of interest and its value to move forward. A few days later, I arranged a  real-time property tour (old way). Later that week, my clients submitted an offer via DocuSign (new way). The transaction moved forward with a continuation of old and new marketing methods. The marketing techniques of the past and the marketing methods of the digital age must be combined by agents to ensure their clients and customers receive the best 5-star service.


Perhaps the most essential marketing skill is Market Knowledge. My past clients receive a monthly e-newsletter with my Little Yellow Dot market updates for each city on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. They know I’m crunching market stats every month. I report the number of active listings, pending sales, and properties sold during the previous month. There is no need for me to “sell” my market knowledge, as prospective sellers and buyers receive monthly updates regarding real estate news in their neighborhood. By sharing my experience and expertise, my buyers and sellers are educated and informed about market trends and fluctuations long before they sell or buy. I strive to be an educator rather than a salesperson. I had no idea how useful my college statistic class would be during my career as a real estate broker.


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Norma Toering is the broker-owner of Charlemagne Intl Properties a boutique real estate company in Los Angeles. She has been a local South Bay real estate agent since 1992. Norma is the most well known & award winning real estate blogger in Palos Verdes. Forbes magazine consulted Norma on Palos Verdes property values when compiling their Forbes 400 list. Cell: 310-493-8333 Cell: 310.493.8333

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