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This dragonfly was visiting the LA Zoo on Saturday along with myself,  my daughter’s family and a few thousand other visitors.  We, the people and the dragonfly, were there because we wanted to be there, and in our own way we exercised our free will to make it happen.  The animals behind the moats and fences would tell another story.

Life is full of choices.  What job and where.  What type of home and where, children, no children and the list goes on.  Los Angeles is a big city and its inhabitants are faced with many choices.  Choices are a sign of freedom, but if you need some help in narrowing the choices of where in the South Bay of Los Angeles you want to live there are several ways to arrive at the best neighborhood for you.  Tell us your wants and needs, such as commute time, price range and lifestyle, and we will help you exercise your free will to make your real estate dream come true.

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