PV luxury pool with view

The luxury home market in Greater Los Angeles has no shortage of properties for sale. After all, Southern California is home to Beverly Hills, Malibu and a plethora of other cities with worldwide name recognition. I often wonder why buyers select one luxury home over others with very similar conditions and locations. After decades in the business, I believe it boils down to a prospective buyer’s connection and memories of the property.

The luxury home market in Palos Verdes currently favors the buyers. My Little Yellow Dot Slider reveals the statistics for single family homes priced at or above $3,000,000 on the entire Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Luxury properties offer not only the tangible house but also the intangible, and perhaps more important than how many bedrooms or how big the view, the possibilities the property has to impact the buyer’s lifestyle. How will the experience of living in the property effect his daily habits? How will it change her life? A luxury home may be limited by its physical size, but a buyer’s mind has no boundaries. The house that captures their heart must first soar in the buyer’s imagination.

The average property showing has approximately fifteen minutes of “fame” to impress a buyer. The eyes take in the curb appeal, the condition, and size of the property. Other senses are in play as well. Viewing luxury homes is a combination of both the physical and the heart and soul. The residence that delivers the best total experience to the prospective buyer is the one that generates an offer for the seller.

PVE luxury kitchen

As a seller, it’s your job to make sure your property delivers an unforgettable experience. Make the images, sounds and smells so “sticky” they can’t get them out of their mind. Chances are a buyer will view several luxury homes before making an offer. Often it’s a process of elimination with one property always rising to the top of the list. When this happens, the chosen property offered them the best experience and the best possibility of being the right property for them right now.

If you need help in making your luxury home unforgettable before you list it for sale, I would love to help you create an experience prospective buyers will remember.

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