The Palos Verdes luxury home market experienced a noticeable uptick in activity at the close of summer with a few homes going off the market and the number of high-end homes in escrow nearly doubling.  With those numbers, my Little Yellow Dot indicates the luxury home market is still favoring buyers, but moving closer toward a neutral market favoring neither the seller nor the buyer.


The Rolling Hills market (primarily high-end properties) reflects a similar shift due to a reduction in the number of homes for sale, and an increase in the number of residences in escrow with accepted offers.

There are 62 Palos Verdes luxury homes listed for sale. Nine Palos Verdes luxury residences are in escrow with accepted offers. 38 PV luxury properties priced over $3,000,000 have sold thus far in 2018.

More Palos Verdes Market Snapshots for September 2018:

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