Yes, I’m the barefoot blogger! I like to blog early before my day fills up with appointments and my mind is preoccupied with other demands and details that must be handled. My real estate blogging career began in 2007, and I’ve written more than 4000 articles about real estate in the South Bay of Los Angeles.  I do it for future, present and past clients, but I find it an excellent way to keep our fingers on the pulse of the local real estate market.

I maintain several niche blogs as well as our website and our oldest blog, Palos Verdes Lifestyle.  Is it a lot of work?  Yes, it requires hours of research and writing to stay abreast of the ever-changing local real estate market.

I blog about neighborhood sales and listings.  I blog about the ins and outs of buying and selling a property.  Heck, I’ve even been known to blog about the weather.  The weather is a selling feature when you live in Southern California!  The current drought may not be a selling feature, but it is newsworthy and can play a role in deciding what type of property to purchase, or changes a seller might make to the landscaping before putting a property on the market.

I prefer to use local photos to enhance every real estate story.  Photographing and cataloging the pictures I take and use is a part-time job in itself. I incorporate video to showcase our gorgeous coastal communities.  Why do I do these added-value activities?  My background is education and from day one of my real estate career I’ve worked at educating my clientele rather than selling to my client base.  My philosophy is I work with smart and savvy people who are most capable of making the right decision once they have all the facts.

Educational transparency is the common and continuous thread that runs from the first time I meet with a client until we close the sale.  Often, the original deal is the first of many.  Last week I closed sale number two with one of my many “repeater” clients.  I am currently in escrow with sellers who are closing their seventh sale with Charlemagne Int’l Properties.  Upcoming listings will be transactions number 3 and number 6 for two more repeaters.  Two out of three of those clients were readers of my blogs before they were clients. No question about it, my past clients are the foundation and life-blood of my business, but blogging helps me connect with people in need of our real estate service.

Blogging allows consumers to get to know you before engaging you as their real estate agent.  Here’s an article I wrote in 2008 and my reasons for continuing to blog remain the same.  However, I have increased the number of blog posts written specifically for sellers.

Are you blogging on purpose?  Does your blog have a central focus?  Are you presenting your highest self through your writing?  Or do you write about whatever is on your mind at the moment?

Recently I decided to categorize my blogs.  I was surprised to notice I was addressing more posts to agents (members only) than I realized.  Buyers also received a lot of attention and ink. Surprisingly, I was neglecting writing articles targeting sellers.  Yes, it’s true when we think “Internet Marketing,” we think of buyers, but I’ve noticed more and more sellers refer to “pre-listing research” they have done on the Internet. 

Sellers, I will write more articles with you in mind.  After all, I prefer to keep my clientele evenly balanced between sellers and buyers, so it makes sense to divide my blogging attention too.  Oh, and don’t be afraid to contact me directly, if you have specific question or request.

I welcome my repeat clients and new customers with equal enthusiasm and devotion to helping them realize their real estate goals.

– Norma Toering, Broker at Charlemagne Intl Properties
(310) 493-8333