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How much does your home contribute to your overall happiness?  Possibly, more than you might think.  On the other hand, all the things you think you need in a home in order to be happy may far outnumber the things actually required to send your happiness level over the top.  For example, this lion caught snoozing in the sunshine at the LA Zoo, found the sunny spot in his lair and he appears quite content to soak up the happiness it brings him.

Last weekend a conversation with Son Number Two segued off to a discussion on happiness.  He remarked a friend of his said all she needed to be 90% of the way to being happy, that elusive and fluid state of constant contentment, were three things:  her dog, being able to walk to work and the ability to take an afternoon nap.  As a real estate professional I can help her achieve the first two, but she’ll have to check with her employer regarding the afternoon naps.

Perhaps you never thought of your real estate agent as being an active participant in your happiness, and honestly, I’ve never given that aspect of my job much thought, but my mind quickly jumped to realizing two-thirds of this woman’s happiness was literally in her real agent’s hands.  Let take the pet requirement first.  Most condominiums and townhouse complexes have rules and regulations regarding the number, size and even breed of dogs allowed.  Some neighborhoods are more pet friendly than others with ample parks and sidewalks to make walking the dog less of a chore and more of the joy it should be.  A savvy real estate agent will verify the property is well suited for Fido before an offer is written.

The walk to work requirement will place a limiting border on location, but since this activity will take place ten times per week and is paramount to her daily happiness it must be given high priority.  The sub categories to consider are safety–where will her route to work require her to walk, are there sidewalks and street lamps to light her way during the dark morning and evenings of winter?  The length and time needed to complete the jaunt on foot must be kept in mind as well.

These personal happiness factors for where this particular person can happily live do not include any interior aspects of a new residence such as granite and stainless kitchen or hardwood floors.  Those are happiness enhancers and can be added later.  As I often remind my clients, you can remodel the bathroom but you can’t move the house to a more suitable location.  Again, it comes down to location and love–make sure you love the location and it works for your work and your love.

When it’s time to do a home happiness assessment contact Charlemagne Int’l Properties to help you select the right home to maximize your happiness level.

– Norma (310) 493-8333